Music explored (and performed) by SMO since 1971


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ALBENIZ JAndalucian Dances
ALBENIZ JSevilla (arr. Lanning)Summer2013
ALWYN WSuite of Scottish Dances
ANDERSON LSleigh RideAutumn2010
ARNOLD MLittle Suite No.2
ARNOLD MLittle Suite No.1Summer2016
AUBER D F EOverture Le Cheval de Bronze
BACH J SBrandenburg Concerto No.3
BACH J SFugue a la Gigue (arr. Holst)
BACH J SSheep May Safely Graze (arr.Walton)
BALAKIREV MOverture on Three Russian Themes
BALAKIREV MSymphony No.1 in CAutumn2004
BANTOCK GOld English Suite
BANTOCK GOverture The Pierrot of the Minute
BARBER SAdagio for Strings
BEETHOVEN L vanOvertures: The Consecration of the House Autumn2013
BEETHOVEN L vanCoriolan
BEETHOVEN L vanCoriolanSpring2021
BEETHOVEN L vanEgmontAutumn2004
BEETHOVEN L vanEgmontAutumn2015
BEETHOVEN L vanFidelioSummer2008
BEETHOVEN L vanKing StephenAutumn2018
BEETHOVEN L vanLeonora No. 1Autumn2007
BEETHOVEN L vanLeonora No. 1Spring2024
BEETHOVEN L vanLeonora No.3Hurst2017
BEETHOVEN L vanPiano Concerto No.3
BEETHOVEN L vanPiano Concerto No.4
BEETHOVEN L vanRomance in FSummer2014
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.1Autumn2014
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.1Autumn2023
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.2
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.2Autumn2021
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.3 EroicaSummer2017
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.5Autumn2008
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.6 PastoralSpring2013
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.7Spring workshop2023
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.8
BEETHOVEN L vanSymphony No.8Spring workshop2022
BEETHOVEN L vanTriple Concerto for violin, cello and piano
BEETHOVEN L vanTurkish March (Ruins of Athens)
BEETHOVEN L vanViolin Concerto
BENJAMIN AJamaican Rumba
BENNETT R RParty Piece
BERGER WSerenade Op 102Autumn2015
BERLIOZ HHarold in Italy
BERLIOZ HHungarian March (Damnation of Faust)
BERLIOZ HNuits d'Ete
BERLIOZ HOverture Beatrice and BenedictSpring2020
BERLIOZ HOverture Carnival RomainAutumn2011
BERLIOZ HOverture The CorsairQueen Anne's2015
BERLIOZ HRoyal Hunt and Storm (Les Troyens)
BERLIOZ HSymphonie FantastiqueAutumn2015
BERNSTEIN LWest Side Story SelectionSpring2006
BERWALD FSymphony No.3 Sinfonie Singuliere
BIZET GCarmen Suites 1 & 2Autumn2008
BIZET GExcerpts from 'Carmen' featuring local soloists
BIZET GJeux d'Enfants SuiteSpring2018
BIZET GL'Arlesienne Suites 1 & 2Summer2012
BIZET GSymphony in C
BLAKE HThe SnowmanAutumn 2010
BORODIN AIn the Steppes of Central AsiaSpring2012
BORODIN ALittle Suite
BORODIN ANocturne for Strings
BORODIN AOverture Prince IgorSpring2006
BORODIN AOverture Prince IgorHurst2018
BORODIN APolovtsian Dances
BORODIN ASymphony No.1Summer2019
BORODIN ASymphony No.2 in B minorSpring2014
BRAHMS JOverture Academic Festival Queen Anne's2014
BRAHMS JOverture Academic Festival Spring workshop2020
BRAHMS JOverture TragicUfton2003
BRAHMS JOverture TragicSummer2015
BRAHMS JSerenade Op.11
BRAHMS JSerenade No.1Autumn2018
BRAHMS JSymphony No.1Autumn2019
BRAHMS JSymphony No.2Spring2010
BRAHMS JSymphony No.2Hurst2017
BRAHMS JSymphony No.3Spring2011
BRAHMS JSymphony No.4Spring workshop2019
BRAHMS JHungarian Dances Nos 17-21Spring2018
BRAHMS JVariations on a Theme of HaydnAutumn2017
BRAHMS JVariations on a Theme of HaydnSummer2018
BRAHMS JViolin Concerto
BRITTEN BMatinees Musicales (after Rossini)Summer2019
BRITTEN BSimple Symphony
BRITTEN BSoirees Musicales (after Rossini)
BRITTEN BSuite from 'Gloriana'
BRUCH MConcerto for Clarinet and Viola
BRUCH MViolin Concerto No.1 in G minorSpring2006
BRUCH MSymphony No 3 Op 51Spring2015
BRUCKNER ASymphony: No.4 The Romantic
BRUCKNER ASymphony: No.7
BUTTERWORTH GThe Banks of Green WillowAutumn2022
BUTTERWORTH GA Shropshire Lad Autumn2013
CHABRIER EJoyeuse Marche
CHERUBINI LSymphony in D
CIMAROSA DOverture: The Secret MarriageAutumn2023
CLARKE JTrumpet Voluntary
COATES EThe Dambusters MarchUfton2007
COATES EThe Selfish GiantUfton2008
COATES EThe Three ElizabethsSpring2014
COLERIDGE-TAYLOR SPetite Suite de Concert
COPLAND ADown a Country Lane
COPLAND AMusic from 'Billy the Kid'
COPLAND AAn Outdoor OvertureSpring2013
COPLAND AFour Dance Episodes from 'Rodeo' Spring2015
CRUSELL BClarinet Concerto No. 2Autumn2015
DEBUSSY CPetite Suite
DEBUSSY CPetite SuiteAutumn2021
DEBUSSY CPrelude a l'apres-midi d'un FauneSummer2007
CORY GI Left My Heart in San Francisco (arr. Lanning)Summer2012
DELIBES LBallet Music from SylviaAutumn2014
DELIBES LCoppelia Suite No.1
DELIBES LLe roi s'amuseSpring2021
DELIUS FBrigg Fair
DELIUS FCello Concerto
DELIUS FDeux Aquarelles
DELIUS FFlorida Suite
DELIUS FIn a Summer GardenSpring2020
DELIUS FIntermezzo: Fennimore and Gerda
DELIUS FLa Calinda from 'Koanga'Spring2015
DELIUS FNorth Country Sketches
DELIUS FOn Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring
DELIUS FSummer Night on the River
DELIUS FThe Walk to the Paradise GardenAutumn2011
DELIUS FThe Walk to the Paradise GardenSpring2015
DVORAK ACzech Suite Op. 39Autumn2022
DVORAK AIn Nature's RealmSpring2016
DVORAK AThe Noonday Witch Spring2006
DVORAK AScherzo Capriccioso
DVORAK ASerenade for Strings
DVORAK ASlavonic Dances Nos. 1-4 & 8
DVORAK ASlavonic Dance Op 46 No. 4Autumn2015
DVORAK ASymphonic VariationsSpring2011
DVORAK ASymphony No.4
DVORAK ASymphony No.5Spring2019
DVORAK ASymphony No.6Summer2014
DVORAK ASymphony No.7Queen Anne's2013
DVORAK ASymphony No.8Autumn2016
DVORAK ASymphony No.9 'From the New World'Autumn2009
DVORAK AViolin Concerto
ELGAR ECarissima Summer2012
ELGAR ECello Concerto
ELGAR EChanson de Matin
ELGAR EChanson de Nuit
ELGAR ECockaigneHurst2016
ELGAR EDream ChildrenSummer2016
ELGAR EEnigma VariationsAutumn2010
ELGAR EEnigma VariationsSpring workshop2020
ELGAR EFroissart Concert OvertureQueen Anne's2013
ELGAR EFroissart Concert OvertureSpring2019
ELGAR EPomp and Circumstance No.2Spring2015
ELGAR EPomp and Circumstance No.4Spring2008
ELGAR EPomp and Circumstance No.5Spring2008
ELGAR ERomance for bassoon and orchestraSpring2007
ELGAR EScenes from the Bavarian Highlands
ELGAR ESerenade for StringsAutumn2016
ELGAR ESymphony No.1Queen Anne's2014
ELGAR EThree Bavarian DancesAutumn2012
ELGAR EViolin Concerto
ELGAR EWand of Youth Suite
ELGAR EWand of Youth Suite 1 Opus 1aSummer2022
de Falla MThe Three-Cornered Hat, Suite No. 2Spring2022
FARIS AUpstairs DownstairsSummer2011
FAURE GDolly Suite (Movements 1 & 6)Summer2012
FAURE GDolly Suite (arr. Lanning)Spring workshop2022
FAURE GElegieAutumn2013
FAURE GMasques et BergamasquesSummer2022
FAURE GPavaneAutumn2014
FAURE GPavaneSummer2023
FLETCHER PFolk Tune and Fiddle Dance
FRANCK CSymphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra
FRANCK CSymphony in D minorUfton2006
GABRIELI GCanzona for 10 voices
GERMAN EA Welsh Rhapsody
GERSHWIN GRhapsody in Blue
GLAZUNOV AValse de Concert No. 1 Autumn2016
GLAZUNOV ASymphony No.5
GLINKA MKamarinskaya
GLINKA MKamarinskayaAutumn2021
GLINKA MOverture A Life for the TsarAutumn2013
GLINKA MOverture Russlan and Ludmila
GOLDMARK CRustic Wedding Symphony
GOUNOD CBallet Music from 'Faust'
GOUNOD CFuneral March of a Marionette Autumn2016
GOUNOD CFuneral March of a Marionette Autumn2023
GOUNOD CSymphony No.1Summer2023
GRAINGER PAir from County Derry
GRANADOS EThree Spanish DancesSummer2005
GRIEG E HHolberg SuiteAutumn2017
GRIEG E HNorwegian Dances
GRIEG E HOverture In AutumnSpring2017
GRIEG E HPeer Gynt Suites No. 1 & 2
GRIEG E HSigurd Jorsalfar SuiteSummer2008
GRIEG E HSigurd Jorsalfar SuiteSpring2019
GRIEG E HSymphonic Dances Op 64Summer2007
GRIEG E HTwo Elegaic Melodies
HANDEL G FConcerto Grosso
HANDEL G FFireworks Music
HANDEL G FOccasional Overture
HANDEL G FThe Faithful Shepherd (arr. Beecham)
HANDEL G FWater Music
HANDEL G FZadok the PriestSpring2017
HAYDN JSymphony No.92
HAYDN JSymphony No.99
HAYDN JSymphony No.99Spring2022
HAYDN JSymphony No.101Autumn2023
HAYDN JSymphony No.103
HAYDN JSymphony No.104Autumn2011
HAYDN JSymphony No.104Spring2021
HAYDN JTrumpet Concerto
HAYDN JString Quartet Op 20 No. 4Summer workshop2018
HAYDN MSinfonia in A P.15Summer2014
HOLST GA Somerset RhapsodySummer2012
HOLST GSt Paul's Suite for Strings
HUMPERDINCK EOverture Hansel and GretelSummer2011
HUMPERDINCK EOverture Hansel and GretelSummer2018
IPPOLITOV-IVANOV MProcession of the Sirdar from 'Caucasian Sketches'
IVES CSymphony No.3
JACOB GOld Wine in New Bottles
JOPLIN SSolace (orch. Lanning)Autumn2014
KALINNIKOV VSymphony No.1Summer2015
KHACHATURlAN ASabre DanceAutumn2010
KHACHATURlAN ASpartacus Suite No. 2Summer2016
KHACHATURlAN AWaltz from 'Masquerade'
KODALY ZFour Dances from 'Gyermektancok'
KODALY ZIntermezzo from 'Hary Janos'
LALO ENamouna Suites Nos.1 & 2
LALO ESymphonie Espagnole
LANNING JTrad. arr. 'All at Sea'Summer2018
LIADOV AEight Russian FolksongsSpring2024
LIADOV AKikimoraAutumn2004
LUIGINI ABallet Egyptien
LULLY J BBallet Suite (arr. Mottl)
MACCUNN HOverture 'Land of the Mountain and the Flood'Spring2009
MAHLER GDes Knaben Wunderhorn
MAHLER GSongs of a Wayfarer
MAHLER GSymphony No.1
MAHLER GSymphony No.4
MASSENET JBallet Music 'Le Cid'Summer2014
MASSENET JScenes Alsaciennes
MASSENET JScenes PittoresquesSummer2019
MENDELSSOHN FOverture Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
MENDELSSOHN FOverture The Fair MelusinaSpring workshop2023
MENDELSSOHN FOverture The HebridesSummer2018
MENDELSSOHN FOverture Ruy BlasSpring2014
MENDELSSOHN FOverture and Nocturne from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
MENDELSSOHN FA Midsummer Night's Dream Op. 61
MENDELSSOHN FSymphony No.3 'Scottish'Ufton2007
MENDELSSOHN FSymphony No.3 'Scottish'Autumn2018
MENDELSSOHN FSymphony No.4 'Italian'
MENDELSSOHN FSymphony No.4 'Italian'Summer2022
MENDELSSOHN FSymphony No.5 'Reformation'Spring2007
MENDELSSOHN FViolin ConcertoSummer2009
MENDELSSOHN FViolin ConcertoSpring workshop2024
MOERAN E JSinfonietta
MOZART W AAdagio and Fugue for strings K.546Autumn2018
MOZART W ADer Schauspieldirektor Overture K.486Spring2023
MOZART W AEine Kleine Nachtmusik
MOZART W AFlute Concerto in DSummer2006
MOZART W AHorn Concerto No.4Spring2014
MOZART W AOverture The Shepherd King
MOZART W AOverture Der Schauspieldirektor
MOZART W AOverture Don GiovanniAutumn2022
MOZART W AOverture The Magic FluteSpring2007
MOZART W APiano Concerto K.491
MOZART W ASymphony No.31 'Paris'
MOZART W ASymphony No.31 'Paris'Autumn2021
MOZART W ASymphony No.35 'Hafner'Spring2023
MOZART W ASymphony No.40
MOZART W AViolin Concerto No. 3Autumn2014
MOZART W AViolin Concerto No.5
MUSSORGSKY MOverture KhovantschinaSummer2005
MUSSORGSKY MNight on a Bare Mountain (ed. Rimsky-Korsakov)Summer2015
MUSSORGSKY MPictures at an Exhibition (selection)Autumn2005
NICOLAI OOverture The Merry Wives of WindsorAutumn2012
NIELSEN CFlute Concerto
NIELSEN CLittle Suite
NIELSEN CSymphony No.1Summer2005
NIELSEN CSymphony No.2 'The Four Temperaments'Autumn2014
OFFENBACH JOverture La Belle HeleneAutumn2017
OFFENBACH JOverture Orpheus in the Underworld
OFFENBACH JSymphony No.2
PARRY C H HOverture to an Unwritten TragedySummer2014
PARRY C H HSymphony No. 3 in C 'The English'Autumn2017
PONCHIELLI ADance of the HoursSummer2017
PROKOFIEV SGavotte from the Classical Symphony
PROKOFIEV SMarch from 'Love of Three Oranges'
PROKOFIEV SRomeo & Juliet Suite No.1Spring2005
PROKOFIEV SSymphony: No.1 'Classical'
PROKOFIEV SSymphony No.7Autumn2007
PROKOFIEV STroika from 'Lieutenant Kije'
QUILTER RA Children's OvertureSummer2011
RACHMANINOV SPiano Concerto No.2
RACHMANINOV SSymphony No. 1 Op 13Hurst2016
RAFF J JSymphony: No.5
RAVEL MLe Tombeau de CouperinSpring2023
RAVEL MMother Goose Suite
RAVEL MPavane pour une Infante defunteSpring2013
REINECKE CFlute ConcertoSpring2013
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV NDance of the Tumblers
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV NOverture AntarAutumn2005
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV NOverture The Tsar's BrideSpring2014
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV NTsar Saltan SuiteSpring2015
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV NSinfonietta on Russian ThemesSpring2017
ROSSINI GLa Boutique Fantasque (arr. Respighi)
ROSSINI GOverture The Barber of SevilleAutumn2006
ROSSINI GOverture The Italian Girl in AlgiersSummer2023
ROSSINI GOverture La CenerentolasSummer2022
ROSSINI GOverture Otello
ROSSINI GOverture SemiramideAutumn2016
ROSSINI GOverture The Silken Ladder
ROSSINI GOverture The Thieving Magpie
ROSSINI GOverture William Tell
ROSSINI GSoir�es Musicales (Rossini-Britten)
RUBINSTEIN AOcean Symphony
SAINT-SAENS COverture La Princesse JauneSpring2019
SAINT-SAENS CCello Concerto
SAINT-SAENS CDanse Macabre
SAINT-SAENS CPhaeton overture
SATIE EGymnopedie No. 1 (Orchestrated by Lanning)Spring2015
SCHUBERT F POverture RosamundeSpring2016
SCHUBERT F POverture FierrabrasSummer2013
SCHUBERT F POverture in C major, D. 591 "In The Italian Style"Spring2022
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.1
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.3
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.3Spring2022
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.4Summer2018
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.5
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.6Spring2023
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.8 in B minor 'The Unfinished'Spring2009
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.8 in B minor 'The Unfinished'Spring2024
SCHUBERT F PSymphony No.9
SCHUMANN ROverture, Scherzo and FinaleAutumn2017
SCHUMANN ROverture: ManfredAutumn2014
SCHUMANN RPiano Concerto
SCHUMANN RSymphony No.1
SCHUMANN RSymphony No.2Summer2023
SCHUMANN RSymphony No.3 'Rhenish'Spring2012
SCHUMANN RSymphony No.4Spring2018
SIBELIUS JOverture FinlandiaAutumn2009
SIBELIUS JAndante FestivoAutumn2016
SIBELIUS JKarelia suiteSpring2005
SIBELIUS JSuite 'King Christian II'
SIBELIUS JSymphony No.1 in E minorAutumn2013
SIBELIUS JSymphony No.2 in DQueen Anne's2010
SIBELIUS JSymphony No.2 in DSpring2020
SIBELIUS JSymphony No.3
SMETANA BThe Bartered Bride Overture and PolkaSpring2005
SMETANA BThree Dances from 'The Bartered Bride'Spring2013
SMETANA BVltavaSpring2008
SMETANA BFrom Bohemian Fields and GrovesSpring2020
SOUSA J PMarch 'The Stars and Stripes'
STANDFORD PA Christmas Carol SymphonyAutumn2011
STANDFORD PA Christmas Carol SymphonyAutumn2015
STANFORD C VEnglish Symphony
STANFORD C VIrish Rhapsody No.1Summer2016
STANFORD C VOverture: Shamus O'Brien
STRAUSS JEmperor WaltzSpring2012
STRAUSS JOverture: 'Die Fledermaus'Autumn2005
STRAUSS JOverture: 'Die Fledermaus'Summer2019
STRAUSS JPolka Annen
STRAUSS JPolka Pizzicato
STRAUSS JPolka Thunder and Lightning
STRAUSS JRadetsky MarchSummer2012
STRAUSS JTales from the Vienna WoodsSpring2015
STRAUSS RHorn Concerto No. 1Summer2023
STRAUSS RHorn Concerto No. 2
STRAUSS RSuite Op 4Autumn2015
STRAUSS RSerenade Op 7Autumn2015
SULLIVAN ABallet Suite 'Pineapple Poll' (arr. Mackerras)
SULLIVAN AIrish Symphony
SULLIVAN AOverture Di BalloSummer2017
SULLIVAN AOverture IolantheSummer2012
SULLIVAN AOverture MikadoUfton2007
SULLIVAN ASelection from 'The Gondoliers'Ufton2007
SULLIVAN ASelection from 'Patience'Ufton2007
SULLIVAN ASymphony No. 1
SUPPE F vonOverture Pique Dame
SVENDSEN J SSymphony No.1
TCHAIKOVSKY P IOverture Romeo & JulietSummer2010
TCHAIKOVSKY P IOverture HamletSummer2008
TCHAIKOVSKY P IThe Nutcracker Suite
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISerenade for Strings
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISuite No.4 'Mozartiana'Autumn2018
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISwan Lake Suite No.1Autumn2007
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISymphony No. 1Summer2012
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISymphony No. 2 'Little Russian'Hurst2018
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISymphony No. 3Autumn2013
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISymphony No. 5Queen Anne's2011
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISymphony No. 6 'The Pathetique'Queen Anne's2015
TCHAIKOVSKY P IVariations on a Rococo Theme for cello and orchestra
TCHAIKOVSKY P IWaltz from Eugene OneginSummer2013
TCHAIKOVSKY P IPolonaise from Eugene OneginAutumn2019
TCHAIKOVSKY P ICapriccio ItalienAutumn2015
TCHAIKOVSKY P ISleeping Beauty SuiteSummer2016
THOMAS AOverture Raymond
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS REnglish Folk Song SuiteSummer2010
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS RFantasia on 'Greensleeves'
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS RFolksongs of Four Seasons
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS RSymphony No 2 'London'
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS RSymphony No 2 'London'Queen Anne's2012
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS RSymphony No 8 (2nd movement for wind)
VERDI GGrand March from' Aida'
VERDI GOverture La Forza del Destino
VERDI GOverture I vespri sicilaniAutumn2015
VINTNER GClarinet Concertino
VIVALDIGloria ChorusesSpring2017
Vor�sekSymphony in D major Op. 24Autumn2022
WAGNER ROverture Lohengrin (Act 1)
WAGNER ROverture The Flying Dutchman
WAGNER ROverture MastersingersQueen Anne's2012
WAGNER ROverture Rienzi
WAGNER ROverture Tannhauser (Paris version)
WAGNER RPrelude & Liebestod from Tristan & IsoldeSpring2009
WAGNER RSiegfried Idyll
WALTON WCrown Imperial (arr. Stone)Summer2016
WARLOCK PCapriol SuiteSummer2012
WEBER C M vonClarinet ConcertinoSpring2012
WEBER C M vonClarinet Concerto No. 1Autumn2016
WEBER C M vonOverture Abu Hassan
WEBER C M vonOverture EuryantheSummer2007
WEBER C M vonOverture Der FreischutzSummer2005
WEBER C M vonOverture Der FreischutzSpring2020
WEBER C M vonOverture JubelSpring2017
WEBER C M vonOverture Oberon
WILLIAMS JHarry PotterSummer2009
WILLIAMS JJurassic ParkSummer2009
WILLIAMS JPirates of the CaribbeanSummer2009
WOOD HAn American RhapsodyUfton2008
ZIMMER HGladiator themeSummer2009

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